Poor Posture & Back Pain – Lower cross syndrome

Why do we have lower back pain, what’s associated with it?
Well when we talk about lower back pain, we must really think about what’s the main cause of it and why are we presented with excruciating symptoms 😰

It might not be life threatening – but damn it can affect your quality of life!

The lower segment of the body, which makes up the lumbar spine and the hip complex, is not aligned properly and functioning in an abnormal manner; causing lower back pain and tension. The majority of the time this is caused by a postural deviation, ie your posture isn’t correct… 

How do we fall into this postural deviation?
Our lifestyle, sleeping positions, daily posture, occupational ergonomics and daily habits all influence how our hips and spine are aligned.

When these tight muscles pull the lumbar spine and hip forward in the anterior tilted position, the weak muscles do not have the strength to counter the movement.

The muscles which work hard to keep these structures aligned, become moulded into the deformed position. When you fail to correct your posture, you fall into the trap of having your hips tilted forward in an anterior position, causing the lower back to hyper extend.

The lower back muscles get compressed in this posture, therefore causing muscle spasms and trigger points to form – this can cause radiating pain in the lower back region 😖

How do we reverse this and fix the problem?
That is where our muscle mechanics come in – we are here to help you live your best life – which includes functioning pain free!

We use different methods of bodywork therapy to relax, stretch, strengthen and massage the affected areas while also taking into consideration the alignment of your body and how we can start a snowball effect to a better and more functional lifestyle.

This of course can only happen if you commit to the change 😉

How long will it take? 💭
One session won’t correct half a lifetime of poor posture – you’ll need some serious work at the start to get that area moving, then we can move onto a maintenance schedule.

The more lifestyle changes you can make the quicker your results will be, and longer they will last without treatments! For example if you can make a conscious effort to stand straighter, your muscles will start to strengthen and support the correct posture.

Kay is also a Personal Trainer, so can also give you some tips and hints on exercises to strengthen and avoid lower cross syndrome! 👍

Kay @ Active You