Our treatments incorporate whatever treatment style is needed to create effective results. This could include deep tissue and remedial massage techniques, trigger point releases, cupping, joint mobilisation, stretching, muscle activation testing and dry needling.

Our treatments are interactive and your therapist will speak with you throughout the treatment. Don’t be surprised if you come in complaining of a sore neck and we spend half the treatment working on your glutes – your body is a chain of muscles and often the underlying cause of the pain is not in the same location and the symptom you are feeling.

You will be bitterly disappointed if you are expecting a full body relaxing day spa style treatment.

Our initial appointments are booked for 60 minutes. Generally, your therapist will spend the first 5-15 minutes understanding your complaints as assessing where these are coming from. They may conduct some muscle testing with you before getting you on the table to start the treatment.

We want to get a whole picture of you and your life as this helps us better understand the map of your body.

You might think that knee reconstruction from 10 years ago has no impact now; however if you are holding onto fear and ‘protecting’ it you might be overusing some muscles and not using others, therefore causing imbalances and pain problems.

Even something as simple as a key hole surgery can result in muscles in the area not activating; think lower back pain as your back muscles try to compensate for abs that aren’t activating.

You might feel sore after your treatment (some pain is normal particularly if you had a firm deep tissue session). This is a normal part of the body’s natural healing process. 

One good thing to keep in mind is that this means you are healing, and on your way to living your best life. Generally as you progress with your next few treatments, your body will respond more quickly and soreness after treatments will reduce. 

With that in mind, remember to drink plenty of water and do some stretches to keep yourself moving. This will help maintain your reduced muscle tension and improved joint mobility after and between treatments. 

You can’t resolve 10 years of pain in just one session.

Our aim is to first reset and resolve any lingering issues repeatedly causing you pain through a number of initial sessions. After that we will move onto managing your health on a regular monthly basis to deal with any pain and tension that crops up due to everyday life. 

Our treatments are designed to offer both immediate and long term benefits, including easier movement, less pain and tension, relief from the physical symptoms of stress, quicker recovery and feeling GREAT!!

Sometimes it isn’t just physical problems causing the pain.

Long term chronic pain can cause the brain to focus more on the problem which can cause changes in the nervous system. These changes can trigger responses including increasing pain, signalling you to move less which causes a loss of fitness, weak muscles and joint stiffness.

You then make decisions to stop doing activities that could worsen the pain which can cause stress, frustration or fear and anxiety about exacerbating the pain.

You can see how over time this can easily escalate creating negative mindsets and identity that you associate with pain.

Sometimes when we resolve the physical pain through our treatments, there is still a neurological and emotional response that prevents your body from letting go of the pain – remember pain is just a signal from your nervous system that is trying to protect you.

A chronic pain breakthrough session will focus on unblocking these neurological and emotional responses, which are often unconscious, to finally put an end to your chronic pain cycle.

All of our therapists offer Private Health Fund Rebates for remedial massage treatments and are registered for on the spot claiming through HICAPS!

Money back for massage!! – who doesn’t love getting a bit of cash back?

Purchasing a pair of Step Forward Orthotics? Check out this handy list of which providers will pay a rebate: https://www.stepforward.com.au/tell-me-more/health-insurance-compensation

We generally are fully booked 2 weeks in advance; which means we’ve often turned away other clients after we took your booking.

We therefore ask that you respectfully provide us with 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment; this gives us sufficient time to contact other clients and slot them in.

Failure to provide 24 hours notice will result in being charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment. If you provide less than 4 hours notice or fail to show without notification (yes some clients actually do this…) you will be charged 100% of the appointment fee.

We know life can be busy so we send out an email confirmation, an email reminder 5 days before your appointment and an SMS reminder 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Please respond YES to your SMS reminder; or contact us if you need to change your appointment. Our receptionist will be calling you to chase you up if you don’t respond.

The quickest and easiest way to instantly book an appointment is through our online portal by following these instructions:

  1. Click Book a Session 
  2. Click Book Appointment then select Active You Massage Therapy as the location.
  3. Select your appointment type from the options and click Select
  4. Select your preferred therapist or select “See all availability for all providers” to see our next available appointments
  5. View availability for the next month and select your preferred date and time option.
  6. Login or register to confirm your appointment.

Alternatively you can phone us on 08 6248 2030 to be added to our wait list.

We are open 6 days per week including evenings and Saturday for your convenience.


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