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How to Kickass at Life - Bali Retreat

5th to 8th of March 2020

Do you feel successful yet unfulfilled?

In only 4 days learn how to confidently identify the things you want in life that make you happy and how to achieve them!

Even if you feel stuck and don’t know where to start!

Have you already got the things you thought would make you happy?!? Maybe you:

  • Have a great paying job
  • Own a house
  • Drive a nice car
  • Have all the toys
  • Have a partner and/or kids

Yet you are somehow still not completely happy or satisfied with where you are at… Learn how to:

  • Identify why some people trigger you so much
  • Figure out what makes you tick 
  • Take control back of your own emotions and response to others
  • Connect with people who will support you
  • Step forward even when those around you are trying to hold you back
  • Be heard with confidence
  • Find inner happiness instead of external validation

We will empower you to take the next steps and take control back of your own life!

This will be an intensive kickass event including a breakout day! All accommodation, meals and airport transfers are included. 

Be prepared for an intense 4 days with 2 coaches for the price of 1 and lots of breakthroughs!

For more information and to buy your ticket check out the event page at https://events.eventzilla.net/e/how-to-kickass-at-life–2020-bali-retreat-2138783265

You can also get in contact with us by calling (08) 6248 2030 or emailing info@activyou.com.au

Proudly run and organised by Scott Miotto from Active You Massage Therapy & Kym Hape from Rebuilding Lives