What is Dry Needling?

All of our sessions are booked as Remedial Massage treatments however we use a combination of tools to achieve the best possible outcome for you. During our treatments identify Trigger Points, which are a type of hyper irritable ‘knot’ within your muscles. 

A trigger point develops when muscle fibres are tight which causes them to be unable to move normally – it’s like a primary isolator for your muscles. They can cause the remainder of your muscle to tighten to compensate and can be hyper irritable to touch and cause decreased movement and strength in the muscle. They can also cause referral pain in other areas outside of muscle they are contained in, similar to a wiring short in a car causing pressure and temperature sensors in the body to go off.   

If the trigger point is particularly inflamed and aggravated, the muscles are extremely tight or the client is too sensitive for us to use massage techniques to release the trigger point, dry needling is a great option. It is quick and efficient to apply; you may feel the muscle spasming in release but you won’t feel the pain of physical pressure like you would when we use an elbow to apply direct pressure. 

Dry Needling is not the same as acupuncture, although there are similarities. In simple terms Dry Needling is applied to trigger points we locate in your muscles; whereas acupuncture focuses on traditional Chinese Medicine principles of Qi by inserting needles through the bodies meridians to restore balance.