What is Cupping?

We use myofascial cupping as one of our techniques. Essentially cupping uses a pressurised cup that sucks the muscle up into the cup which helps separate your soft tissues helping to loosen any tension you have. In a nutshell it is like the opposite of us applying pressure and produces awesome results. It helps get results quicker as we can apply cups whilst we massage other areas of your body.

We also use functional release cupping, which involves applying the cups and getting your to move at the same time. For example if your calf muscles are tight we might apply cups and ask you to do heel raises to force the muscles and other soft tissues to move and relax underneath the cups. 

Seen those circular marks on people? Those are from functional release cupping. They aren’t bruises and are painless to touch. They are generally caused by the cups freeing up blood flow which helps to introduce fresh blood flow into the area which promotes your body to heal those areas.